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附注: 未翻译(在 Template talk:Unsupported# 中讨论)

用于包含 Arch Linux 明确不支持的内容的用户页面的模板。使用此模板的页面将放入Category:Pages or sections flagged with Template:Unsupported


This template should be added at the top of pages in the User namespace containing information for which the Arch Linux community is not supposed to provide support; the user themselves is meant to give help directly to other people who need it, for example in the article's talk page.

The first and only argument is date when the content was last reviewed by the author.

{{Unsupported|30 December 2019}}


Arch Linux 社区不对本页面中包含的信息提供支持;对于安装过程,安装指南是唯一受官方支持的文档。以下内容主要由 User:Unsupported 在 30 December 2019 最后一次审阅,它可能过期或不准确。