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This template should be added at the beginning of articles whose titles could be improved, or at the beginning of sections that could make sense to split to a separate article. Ensure to rationalize the proposed move with the second argument and possibly also on the flagged article's discussion page.

{{Move|Target article name|reason}}

You can override the default discussion page with a third optional argument:

{{Move|Target article name|reason|Talk:Alternative Page}}

Alternatively you can point to a specific section in the default talk page with the named section parameter:

{{Move|Target article name|reason|section=Section name}}

Flagged pages can be found in Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Move or in Category:使用「模板:Move」标记的页面或章节. Users are encouraged to participate in move discussions or simply complete the move (if sensible). The {{Move}} flag should be removed after the move is completed or the proposal is rejected. See also Help:Procedures#Split section to a new subpage.

注意: The talk page is linked through an external link: this is to avoid polluting Special:WantedPages when the talk page does not exist.


{{Move|Template:Move/doc|This is just a demonstration template.}}

此页面或章节适合移动到 Template:Move/doc

附注: This is just a demonstration template.(在 Template talk:Move/doc 讨论)